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Cerec Same Day Crowns

Cerec Crowns

You may have heard about chairside crowns or CEREC crowns as a same day crown procedure. Typically, a traditional crown will be placed over the course of multiple appointments, requiring an impression of your tooth to ensure the crown is made to fit your mouth. With a CEREC same day crown, you can get a new crown fitted in approximately 2 hours.

Do you want to find out more about where to get CEREC same day crowns in Beverly, MA, Peabody, MA, or Danvers, MA? Our Peabody office welcomes patients in the surrounding areas for high quality dental treatments. Our expert team can help you receive the restoration treatment you need in one visit without compromising the appearance and strength of your teeth.

Everything to Know about CEREC Same Day Crowns

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC for short, is a breakthrough innovative cosmetic dentistry technology that enables dentists to repair a damaged tooth with natural-looking ceramic fillings during a single visit. Traditional crown placements typically need an impression of the teeth to create a custom crown. During the fabrication time, patients receive a temporary crown. Patients must come back for a second appointment to get their traditional crown fitted. CEREC same day crowns can save valuable time and reduce stress levels! 

CEREC crowns use computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing processes (CAD and CAM technology) to create a crown that will fit perfectly into your mouth.

CEREC same day crowns are recommended for people who have vulnerable teeth that require special protection to maintain dental functions and prevent further issues. Our Peabody, MA team provides CEREC same day crowns to patients with the following dental concerns:

  • Broken or mishappen teeth

  • As part of a restorative dental implant

  • Worn down teeth

  • Severely discolored teeth

  • Severe tooth decay treatment

  • Tooth restoration after a root canal procedure

CEREC same day crowns last up to 15 years, similar to traditional crowns. With proper dental hygiene, they can even last longer. They are ideal for patients who can’t afford to wait several weeks for a crown fitting. They do not compromise on appearance and strength, making them an ideal alternative to lab-made crowns.

Best CEREC Same Day Crowns near Me, Danvers, MA

During a same day CEREC crown fitting, your dentist will use an intraoral camera to take 3D images of your teeth. The camera is approximately the size of a ball pen point, making the whole process safe and comfortable. As the procedure requires unique technology, most dentists announce on their websites and in their practices whether they have the necessary equipment. It is faster and much more efficient than taking an impression mold of your teeth.

At the start of your appointment, our dentist will prepare the tooth for measurements. Then, they design a digital 3D image of the tooth using the images captured by the intraoral camera. The design ensures that the crown will fit perfectly and includes details such as indentations, ridges, etc.

Then the design is sent to a milling machine, which carves a replica, fabricating the crown out of a ceramic block. The milling process only requires a few minutes. Once the crown is made, your dentist can bond it to the tooth.

The procedure is rapid, which is why it is a favorite for many clients. Additionally, the CEREC technology ensures that the crown is comfortable, fitting exactly inside your mouth. The measurement process is hassle-free, which makes a big difference for people who dislike manual impressions.

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