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Dental Bridges near Me in Danvers, MA
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Are you concerned about a missing tooth? You can request a procedure called a dental bridge to close the gap and regain your smile.

Dentists recommend a dental bridge when you still have teeth around the gap, as they will help hold the pontic, or fake tooth, in place. A missing tooth can affect you in many ways. Indeed, the gap could put the surrounding teeth at risk, weakening the structure and causing them to loosen. Additionally, teeth help shape your facial contours. Gaps can lead to a sunken appearance. As teeth are instrumental to your diet, missing teeth could dramatically change your diet and your ability to chew and eat properly. As a result, it could further affect the shape of your face through drastic weight loss.

But the consequences are not just physical. A gap in your smile can make you feel self-conscious, so you may be less likely to smile or speak to people. It may affect your communication by altering your pronunciation and speech, which can be an isolating experience.

So, if you have a missing tooth, consider dental bridges near Danvers, MA.

Everything to Know about Dental Bridges in Danvers, MA

Dental bridges are recommended for people who have a gap of one or more missing teeth in their smiles. As the term bridge implies, the gap needs to be between a set of healthy teeth, which will support the pontic on each side. Typically, the best candidates for dental bridges have lost one or more teeth through gum disease, tooth decay, or injury. Yet, some cases are also the result of a congenital condition. As dental bridges rely on the support of healthy teeth, if you have lost a tooth through a dental issue, your dentist will need to confirm that the issue is fully treated before recommending the bridge.

Dental bridges are made of two main elements:

  • Pontic(s): This is the false tooth or teeth that fill(s) the gap.

  • Abutment teeth: These are the supporting teeth on each side of the gap. Your dentist will place crowns on the abutment teeth to anchor the bridge.

Best Dental Bridges near Me in Danvers, MA

In our practice, we provide our patients from Beverly, MA, Danvers, MA, Peabody, MA, and other local areas with four types of dental bridges:

  • Traditional fixed dental bridges

  • Cantilever dental bridges

  • Maryland dental bridges

  • Implant-supported dental bridges

We recommend a minimum of three appointments to get dental bridges. During the first appointment, we will examine the health of your remaining teeth and prepare the abutment teeth for the future bridge. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. During your second appointment, we will place the bridge. We often warn our clients that dental bridges can feel uncomfortable and bulky at first. Finally, we will check the bridge on your last appointment and make the necessary adjustments for your comfort.

The traditional bridge uses crowns cemented onto the abutment teeth to maintain the pontic in place. It is used for patients who still have natural teeth surrounding the gap.

The Cantilever bridge uses only one crown cemented onto one of the abutment teeth. In this type of dental bridges, you only need one natural tooth next to the gap.

The Maryland bridge doesn’t use crowns to hold the structure in place. The bridge uses a metal or porcelain framework supported by and bonded to two abutment teeth.

The implant-supported bridge doesn’t need natural teeth around the gap. It uses one implant for every missing tooth. This type of dental bridge is considered the most stable and the strongest procedure. However, an implant-supported bridge will require two surgeries as the dentist will need to attach the implants to the jawbone and then place the bridge. Therefore, it is a long procedure that requires several recovery months between every surgery. Unlike other dental bridges, the implant-supported option is considered permanent.

Depending on your needs, we may recommend one type of dental bridge over another. If you have experienced tooth loss through disease or trauma, our team in Danvers, MA, will first ensure that your remaining teeth are healthy and sturdy enough to support the bridge.

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