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Emergency Dental Treatment near Me in Danvers, MA

If you need emergency dental treatment in Danvers, MA, we are here to help. Offering urgent appointments, we’ll have you smiling again in no time.
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What Is a Dental Emergency?

As experienced family dentists in Danvers, MA, we provide a wide range of routine and preventative dental services, but we also offer emergency care. We know that accidents and injuries can happen at any time, and our highly-skilled dental team is on hand to help. More than 5 million teeth are avulsed (knocked out) in the US every year.

There are several scenarios, which may require urgent dental treatment. Examples include:

  • Sudden, intense pain

  • Signs of infection, including fever, swelling, dental pain and generally feeling unwell

  • Broken tooth

  • Dislodged tooth (also known as avulsion)

  • Uncontrolled bleeding

The best emergency dental services at Danvers Aesthetic Dentistry

Where to Get Emergency Dental Care

If you are looking for a dentist and you need emergency treatment in and around Danvers, MA, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide urgent appointments, and we’ll do our best to see you as soon as possible.

What Happens When You Have an Emergency Dental Appointment?

When you attend a dental appointment at our office, we will ask you a few questions about your symptoms and your medical history. Your dentist will then examine your mouth to try to identify possible causes of pain or inflammation and inspect the teeth and gums to look for signs of injuries or damage. They will explain their findings to you and suggest treatment options. The priority is to ensure that you feel comfortable and to reduce pain rapidly. We may recommend temporary treatment to tackle severe symptoms followed by further appointments to treat the underlying cause or solve the problem. We will schedule visits with you and explain what will happen during each appointment.

Do I Need an Emergency Dental Appointment?

Emergency dental appointments are recommended for patients who need urgent assistance for dental problems. If you experience acute, severe pain, you have a fever and your face is swollen, or you lose a tooth, for example, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact your dentist. Urgent dental appointments provide rapid relief for serious dental issues and they often prevent the situation from getting worse and help patients to feel more comfortable. It is common for dentists to prioritize managing pain and reducing the severity of symptoms when providing urgent assistance. Most patients will be advised to return to the office for further treatment, for example, root canal therapy or a filling or crown, at a later date.

How Long Does Emergency Treatment Take?

There is no set answer to this question, as every case is different. When you have an emergency dental appointment, your dentist will try to establish the cause of the problem and identify solutions quickly and they will provide treatment to reduce discomfort and prevent your symptoms from getting worse. Emergency dental appointments may be very short, but this is not always the case. Some issues are more complex than others and some patients will need more appointments than others after the initial consultation.

Everything You Need to Know about Emergency Dental Care in Danvers, MA

If you injure yourself in an accident, you have symptoms of an infection or you have severe, acute dental pain, it’s important to contact your dentist. Emergency dental care is available. Your dentist will work quickly to target pain, identify problems and draw up a treatment plan for you. Types of dental emergencies include cracked and dislodged teeth, dental infections and abscesses, uncontrolled bleeding and intense pain. In many cases, patients will be advised to attend follow-up appointments after an urgent appointment to undergo further treatment.

Dental emergencies can be daunting, especially for patients who are nervous about going to the dentist. We understand that accidents and injuries can cause stress and anxiety. Our friendly, compassionate team has extensive experience in providing emergency care for patients in Danvers, MA. We will go the extra mile to help you feel calm and relaxed.

If you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Peabody, Beverly or Danvers, MA, contact us today. We’re here to help whenever you need us.

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