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Most Commonly Performed Dental Restoration Procedures

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Dental restoration work may be necessary for patients whose teeth are broken, cracked, missing, or rotten to let them smile more attractively. Fortunately, several treatment options are available to restore your teeth to their pre-loss state.

Dental restoration options come in a wide variety, from basic to complicated. For instance, filling cavities caused by dental decay is a rather easy procedure. 

On the other hand, placing implants to replace missing teeth requires a little more effort. Regardless of the treatment you require, modern technology makes dental restoration considerably more painless and produces more accurate outcomes.

The most typical types of restorations are listed below.


The fact that dental implants are currently among the most popular dental treatments may not come as a surprise. They are made to work and look like your original teeth, which solves a lot of problems with dentures, such as eating and speaking concerns. 

Additionally, implants stop the frequent negative effects of missing teeth, such as shifting and jawbone thinning. Implants are a great option if your bone structure is good and your gums are healthy.

Inlay Restorations

Custom-made fillings known as inlays are typically constructed of tooth-colored porcelain, gold, or composite material. They make a fantastic substitute for traditional silver and composite fillings. 

They’re also a great option if you want to improve the appearance of your smile or if you have teeth that are broken, cracked, or rotten.

Onlay Restorations

An onlay dental treatment, also referred to as a partial crown, is the best option if your teeth have significant cavities. Patients frequently choose an onlay over a crown because it requires less tooth structure to be removed.

Composite Fillings

The only difference between composite fillings and traditional fillings is that composite fillings are more durable. They frequently survive ten years or longer since they are made to withstand stress and resistance. 

You will probably find them more attractive to the eye because they are the same shade as the teeth.


Your damaged teeth will be covered with coverings called dental crowns. When severe decay renders a tooth incapable of being restored with a traditional dental filling, they shield, cover, and restore its shape. 

Crowns are often cemented to your tooth and mimic your natural teeth in appearance.


There are two types of dentures that can replace missing teeth: partial dentures and complete dentures. Dentures can be taken out, as opposed to dental implants. If you have no natural teeth left and need full dentures, the dentist can also fit you for partial dentures. 

The newest denture types are made to appear and feel as much like genuine teeth as possible. However, they can take some getting used to.

Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge normally consists of two or more crowns that bridge the space between two or more of your teeth and is one of the most affordable ways to replace missing teeth. Because they aren’t placed directly into the gum tissue, bridges are an excellent option if you’re managing chronic gum disease.

Root Canal

Since root canal therapy removes the pulp from the tooth before cleaning and sealing the interior of the tooth, it offers a better option for tooth extraction for severely damaged or infected teeth. Root canals are now much less unpleasant than they formerly were because of modern technology.


Understanding the different types of procedures and the risks involved is important before deciding which one is best for you. A trained dentist can provide you with more details and determine the best course of action for your individual needs. 

With proper care and regular dental checkups, these procedures can help restore and maintain your oral health.

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