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5 Dental Bridge Types Suitable For Front Teeth and Molars

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Replacing the missing teeth is not a challenging procedure nowadays. With the number of options patients have, the only problem is choosing which solution will work best for their needs. For example, a different dental bridge works for front teeth and molars.

Therefore, dentists will have to examine which type suits their dentist best. They would have to do fittings, consultations, and take a few photographs to know and identify the best route. But which bridge type is perfect for the front teeth or the molars? Here are some ideas.

1. Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges are the most common type of dental bridge. They are made from porcelain fused with metal or all-porcelain materials. The bridge type is ideal for replacing front teeth because it provides a solid and natural-looking restoration.

Getting a traditional bridge usually takes two to three visits to the dentist. During the first visit, the dentist will prepare the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth by removing a small amount of enamel to make room for the crowns. Impressions of the teeth will be taken to make it in a dental lab.

2. Cantilever Bridges

Cantilever bridges are typically used when adjacent teeth are on only one side of the missing tooth. They are made up of two crowns attached to the adjacent teeth on one side. It is held in place with a metal or porcelain framework.

Cantilever bridges are typically used for front teeth, as they provide a natural-looking restoration.  As a result, people wearing them will not look like they have a mismatched pair of front teeth. Meanwhile, getting a cantilever bridge usually takes two to three visits to the dentist.

3. Maryland Bonded Bridges

Maryland bonded bridges are similar to cantilever bridges but are made of plastic teeth and gums supported by a metal or porcelain framework. The framework is connected to the back of the adjacent teeth. They require less tooth preparation because there is no need to shape teeth.

Maryland bridges are typically used for front teeth, as they are less noticeable than traditional bridges. They are also more affordable than conventional bridges, making them a more attractive option for those looking for a more cost-effective solution.

4. Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are a permanent dental solution that replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth securely attached to dental implants. These bridges are typically made of porcelain and are held in place by titanium posts, which are surgically inserted into the jawbone.

The implant-supported bridge provides a secure and permanent solution to missing teeth. This type of bridge is more expensive than other types of bridges and requires significant time and money to install. However, it is an excellent choice for those who want a permanent solution.

5. Resin-Bonded Bridges

Resin-bonded bridges are similar to traditional bridges but use a resin material instead of metal to hold the bridge in place. The resin is bonded to the back of the adjacent teeth, making them less noticeable than traditional bridges.

Resin-bonded bridges are a good choice for those who want a less noticeable and affordable bridge. It is also a good option for those who do not wish to avoid having their teeth drilled down for a traditional bridge.


Dental bridges are a great way to replace missing teeth and restore the function and appearance of your smile. Several different types are available, and you must discuss your options with your dentist to determine which type is suitable. Your dental bridge should last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

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