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Follow These Helpful Tips to Take Care of Brittle Teeth

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If you have brittle teeth, being conscious of your health is even more vital. Why? Quick trivia: Your teeth’s enamel is considerably tougher than your bones; therefore, there likely is an underlying cause if you notice that your teeth are chipping or breaking easily.

This is why maintaining good dental hygiene will help your teeth look fantastic and keep your entire body in good health.

Finding the source of your brittle teeth and receiving treatment are essential. You may at least start taking good care of your teeth now to ensure that you keep your lovely smile. Continue reading to gain helpful advice.

Factors Causing Teeth to Become Brittle

Although the enamel on your teeth is tough, there are numerous habits and conditions that can cause the enamel to degrade, weakening the tooth and making it brittle. 

The following factors can play a role in your teeth breaking easily.

Poor dental hygiene: Teeth that are susceptible to decay, cavities, or lack pulp can cause teeth to become brittle. This disorder may be brought on by improper or even excessive brushing, which erodes the enamel. 

Due to the fact that fluoride serves to shield your teeth from bacteria, microbial growth, and other dental issues, inadequate fluoride levels can also cause erosion.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies: This is a major cause of unhealthy tooth enamel. Your teeth will deteriorate if your body is lacking in any of the critical nutrients. 

For instance, a deficiency in vitamin A will make teeth brittle, and a deficiency in vitamin D will make it harder for your body to absorb minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Both are essential for preserving the enamel on your teeth.

Acids: Vomiting frequently due to eating problems can also erode tooth enamel. Your enamel will weaken if you consume an acidic diet, such as bunches of grapefruit. 

Eating excessive amounts of sugary foods and beverages, especially sodas, will also release enamel-weakening acids.

How to Make Brittle Teeth Stronger

Here are some techniques to fortify your teeth, safeguard your enamel, and fend off cavities and future tooth decay.

Perform Oil Pulling

High-quality edible oil is swished around in your mouth for roughly 20 minutes as part of the oil pulling process. Your teeth will stay clean, and any plaque buildup will be removed thanks to this procedure. 

Oil pulling will also eliminate oral germs and prevent them from clinging to your teeth.

Skip the Daytime Snacks

Carbohydrate snacks throughout the day provide a continual source of food for the bacteria in your mouth. By feeding these bacteria, you’ll encourage them to generate more acid, which will erode your dental enamel. 

If you must consume a snack during the day, make sure it is carb-free, and after that, rinse your mouth with water.

Consume Foods High in Minerals

Since teeth are porous, they can absorb or lose healthy minerals over time. Ensure that the minerals your teeth require are being received. Although it helps to clean your teeth, brushing and flossing do not supply them with minerals. 

You must eat a diet high in minerals, like eggs, dark leafy greens, mushrooms, and cheese, to maintain them robust and healthy.

Remove Refined Sugar from Your Diet

The main food supply for the bad bacteria that hurt your teeth in your mouth is sugar. It unquestionably contributes to various medical issues like diabetes or even cancer.

Eliminating sugar from your diet lowers the quantity of harmful germs in your mouth, making it a simple and efficient strategy to maintain dental health.

Cleanse Your Tongue

A fantastic approach to keeping your tongue clean and lowering the amount of bacteria in your mouth is to brush it. Additionally, you’ll feel as though your entire mouth is cleaner and has better breath.


Unfortunately, there is not much you can do once your enamel has been compromised. Your teeth do not have regenerating cells, although your bones do. If you want to stop additional erosion, it’s crucial to keep your teeth strong and healthy in the first place.

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