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Here’s What You Should Do When You Lose Dental Implants

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If you suddenly feel a shift in your mouth while eating, your first thought might be that your dental implants came loose. Your second thought might be panic, as you worry about all the possible repercussions.

Knowing what to do in this scenario saves you a lot of trouble and embarrassment. So, let’s talk about what to expect and what steps to take if your dental implants fail.

Now What?

Dental implants are any cap placed on or replacements for a damaged tooth. Since they don’t last forever, losing one is not uncommon. It may have fallen off the tooth because of an accident or chewing something hard. Regardless of the cause, you need to take action if your permanent cap fell out.

The best thing to do when it falls off is to retrieve it. If you could find the lost crown, you might be able to replace it with toothpaste or vaseline temporarily. You can still eat normally, but be careful where the crown comes off. Avoid hard or sticky foods that could aggravate the tooth. When brushing and cleaning, be careful not to damage the exposed tooth.

It’s possible that you lost the crown or swallowed it by accident. When the implant comes off, it leaves your tooth unprotected, so cleaning the area is essential. You should monitor the tooth carefully until you can see your dentist. 

Is This Considered an Emergency?

Although it may be frightening, lost dental implants usually aren’t an emergency. That said, there are a few situations that could require emergency dental care, such as:

  • You’re experiencing a lot of pain or have visible signs of trauma.
  • The crown is only partially attached and could be a choking hazard.
  • You can’t remove the crown or put it back in place.

Your tooth is left exposed and vulnerable without the replacements. You should contact your dentist to schedule an appointment to have the tooth examined and the implants replaced as soon as possible.

Can You Survive without Them?

Teeth can survive without dental implants for a few weeks, but it’s not ideal. Once you have a root canal, your tooth needs support and protection. Without at least a temporary replacement, your tooth could be sensitive to temperatures and more vulnerable to damage.

Getting a temporary crown as soon as possible is best to protect your tooth. If you can find the lost crown, you might be able to temporarily re-cement it with vaseline, toothpaste, or even sugar-free gum until you can see your dentist.

What If They Decayed?

Another reason dental implants fall out is because of decay. You might not even realize the decay’s terrible until it’s too late. If your tooth falls out and there’s no crown left, you might have to look into other ways to replace the tooth. Only your dentist can decide the best way to treat you, so it’s important not to freak out. Take a deep breath and make an appointment with your dental team as soon as possible.


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