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Explaining Why You Should Have Periodontal Maintenance

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During your regular dental exams, your periodontist will advise periodontal maintenance. Bacteria frequently remain either above or below the gumline. These colonies irritate and inflame the gums. 

The primary objective of dental cleanings is to prevent this kind of infection. Here are some details from a periodontist if you are interested in learning more about maintaining healthy gums.

Even those who practice good dental hygiene can get gum disease. That is why early gum disease can be treated and cured, but periodontal disease cannot be treated or reversed. 

Do not hesitate to make a dental visit if you suspect you may have gum disease.

Gum Disease’s Primary Causes

Untreated plaque accumulation on the surface of your teeth and gums is what causes gum disease. The bacteria in plaque make acid that erodes tooth enamel when they eat the sugar and starch that are still in your mouth. 

You risk developing gum disease if you neglect your oral health by not brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily. If you don’t visit your dentist for routine teeth cleaning and oral checkup every six months, gum disease may also affect you. 

Working with dentists can help you regulate at least two of these three elements, even though genetics are difficult to overcome. In order for your dentist to better meet your oral health needs, you must fill out a form as a patient detailing your medical and dental history.

The basic objective of gum care is to maintain healthy teeth and gums. It serves as a sort of preventative care to halt the progression of gum disease. 

During each regular dental examination, a periodontist would advise it. Patients who have this treatment gain a variety of advantages.

Below are reasons why you must have regular periodontal maintenance.

Fresh Breath

Stained teeth do not look good. Establishing a positive self-image and interacting with others might be challenging for someone with yellow teeth. Professional dental cleaning is part of routine dental checkups. Gum care helps restore the teeth’s youthful appearance.

Constant foul breath makes periodontal disease obvious. This ailment suggests that there is decaying food below the patient’s gum line. 

Additionally, there can be gum issues or even gangrene. Regular tooth cleaning helps improve breath. It removes germs, plaque, and tartar to get rid of the odor.

Dental Calculus Removal

Tartar, also known as dental calculus, develops as a result of plaque accumulation. Both above and below the gum line, this is possible. Bacteria and food particles stuck in the gum pockets cannot be removed by brushing and flossing. 

To cure plaque and tartar development, a periodontist will employ a certain dental instrument.

Planing and Scaling of the Roots

Periodontitis can be effectively treated with this combination. An oral surgeon will do periodontal cleaning. Using ultrasonic equipment, they can extend the cleaning to the tooth roots. Thus, periodontal care is more comfortable. 

The dentist can also put antibiotic fibers in the patient’s teeth pockets. Antibiotics may also be taken by the patient.


The same principles apply to both routine and expert dental cleaning. This is a technique for guarding against mouth infections. These dental cleanings focus on removing plaque and irritants from teeth and gums.

A family dentist in Danvers like Danvers Aesthetic Family Dentistry will perform your periodontal maintenance effectively. 

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