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Why Senior Citizens Prefer Dentures from a Dentist

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People have lost their teeth throughout human history due to aging and other factors such as cavities and poor oral health. For centuries, replacing the missing teeth with dentures was a viable option, but they were not very comfortable. Fortunately, modern dental technology has provided multiple tooth replacement choices that are comfortable to wear and look and feel great.

Attending dentists must have experience helping patients of all ages maintain oral health with modern dentistry. Ensuring that the patient has healthy gums and teeth is the first step to preventing tooth loss. Even patients with false teeth or damaged tissue can restore them using solutions such as dental veneers or crowns.

Unfortunately, there are times when even restorative dentistry solutions can’t save the tooth, and a patient needs a replacement. Seniors often choose partial or complete dentures over other cosmetic dentistry options.

For most seniors, partial or complete dentures are the preferred option.

Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace both teeth that are missing and their surrounding tissue. They’re made to look like natural teeth. Some even enhance the smile. There are two main types of dentures:

  • Complete dentures are what most people choose when they lose all of their teeth. It replaces the lost natural teeth and their supporting structures, even if part of those structures are still present on their gums. 
  • Partial dentures are preferred when a patient has lost only some of their teeth; they replace only the ones they’ve lost while leaving others intact to help prevent neighboring natural teeth shifting and promote proper chewing motions.

Why Do Senior Citizens Prefer Dentures at Their Dentists’?

Whether partial or complete, dentures offer these unique benefits that no other tool or implant can:

  • Convenience: The most time-consuming component of the dental implant process is acquiring the dental implant itself for certain patients. In some cases, this can take several months to a year. That’s not an issue with dentures because dental labs can perform the necessary procedures in a week or less.
  • Comfort: Dentists can fit dentures to your mouth, so they rest comfortably against your gums and don’t feel out of place, so you can take them out at night and clean them without worrying they will slip or cause you discomfort while wearing them throughout the day.
  • Easier maintenance: If you or your loved one has additional health issues or takes medication, dentures may be an easier option than caring for natural teeth every day. Instead of having to brush and floss them as you would your natural teeth, you can remove your dentures at night and rinse or soak them before bedtime. Sometimes, shortening daily hygiene routines can make a positive difference to a schedule and help improve quality of life.

However, note that deeper root issues will not be solved by dentures, especially if there is root damage and succeeding bone loss. When that happens, senior patients must get implants from the dentist. These can also come in dentures being fastened through dental implants to promote bone growth and better adhesion.


Dentures are an excellent solution for senior citizens who have lost their teeth without significant damage to their gum line. However, anything more than that requires a more thorough discussion with their dentist. Seek their advice and find out which is the better option for optimal oral health.

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